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A Nurturing Soil

This analogy was developed by Sima Spetner.   A person has a seed from an orange that he is thinking about planting.  Orange trees are nice but what he really wants is an apple tree.  He plants the orange seed in the ground, and he figures out how to grow an apple tree.  He investigates what the right soil is for an apple tree.  He buys the best fertilizer for an apple tree.  He researches the proper amount of water and the optimum climate in which an apple tree needs to thrive.  

Will he get an apple tree if he plants an orange seed under these conditions?  No!  He will be lucky if he gets a half decent orange tree.  

The idea is that people must work with their nature and not against it.  

Many people with ADHD feel like their life is spent trying to push a triangle into a circle hole.  They find themselves in a non-nurturing soil where there is not enough rain or sunshine to enable them to flourish.  Part of managing ADHD necessitates planting oneself in a soil that is nurturing and supportive.   This assists a person to work with his nature and create a successful path forward.