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ADHD and Teenagers

  • Is your teen smart but does not live up to their potential?
  • Do they have trouble starting and completing tasks?
  • Do they struggle to maintain focus at school?
  • Do you wish they could finally get off the struggle bus and realise their potential?

Coaching can be the jump start that adolescents need to get on top of their life. They will build a toolbox of strategies that they can use now, and, in the future, to help them succeed. Popular topics covered in ADHD coaching include:

  • ADHD-friendly ways to study and complete assignments.
  • Creating a good sleep hygiene routine.
  • Hack your gut – hack your brain. Improving diet can make a big difference!
  • Breaking out of a procrastination prison.
  • Tackling the “hateables”…the boring tasks like homework and chores that must be done.
  • Time management and putting boundaries around time vampires (technology).

I have developed a tailor-made program to assist teenagers to tackle their ADHD challenges.

Come for one session or a comprehensive 5 session package.


ADHD Coaching for Teens and Adolescents

Investing in ADHD coaching for your teenager can be a game-changer, setting them up for success in their education and life skills for years to come. ADHD coaching provides valuable support and strategies tailored specifically to their unique needs, helping them overcome challenges and achieve great results.

One of the key benefits of ADHD coaching is its focus on education. Many teenagers with ADHD struggle with staying organized, managing their time effectively, and maintaining focus on their studies. I will work closely with your teenager to develop personalised strategies that address these challenges head-on. They help them create effective study routines, break down tasks into manageable steps, and improve their time management skills. By equipping your teenager with these essential tools, ADHD coaching empowers them to excel academically and reach their full potential.

Beyond academics, ADHD coaching also helps teenagers develop crucial life skills. Adolescence is a critical period for building independence and self-confidence, and ADHD coaching provides the guidance and support necessary for growth. I work with your teenager to improve their executive functioning skills, such as organization, planning, and problem-solving. I also help them develop effective communication and social skills, boosting their self-esteem and enhancing their relationships with peers and family members.

I’m Francine Freedman

and I help make the lives of people with ADHD better.

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