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I’m Francine Freedman

and I help make the lives of people with ADHD better.

“It’s been my honour and privilege to train and mentor Francine as she has developed into an excellent ADHD coach”

Barbara Luther,  Master Certified ADHD Coach

Founder and First President of PAAC,
(Professional Association of ADHD Coaches),
Director of Training at ADDCA

“I have been continually impressed with how much she cares about her clients, her perceptiveness, and how well she brings her extensive knowledge of ADHD into working with each client.

Francine‘s dedication to making a difference for those impacted by ADHD has led her to attain professional coach certification, and she remains passionate about adding to her knowledge and skills. Her clients not only make great strides toward reaching their goals, but they also learn so much about how their brains work and how important it is to build upon their strengths.

If you are considering working with Francine, my advice is to get started with her quickly.”

What the experts are saying about ADHD coaching

The right ADHD education is about transformation, not just information. Understanding how your unique brain is wired will help you to:

  • Maximize productivity
  • Minimize challenges
  • Reclaim your self-esteem
  • Begin to create a successful path forward where the puzzle pieces of your life finally start coming together

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“In the last couple of years I have referred dozens of patients with ADHD to Francine.”

Dr. Christopher Mulroney
Medical Director, One Point Medical
“I am a Family Physician with a special interest in Adult ADHD. I am well aware of the benefit of using an ADHD coach as part of the team in managing ADHD.

In the last couple of years I have referred dozens of patients with ADHD to Francine.

I am familiar with her training and her methods and I have personally seen excellent results from her work. I would heartily recommend her services to anyone suffering from ADHD.

Her work has become a very valuable part of the comprehensive approach I take to managing this challenging condition in my patients.”

“Francine’s coaching has enabled me to do much more of what I want to do instead of being mostly reactive to others. “

Fund Manager that oversees 50 million dollars worth of investments
“The best description I can think of is that it feels like magic or a bit of a miracle because whilst you adapt to being on the back foot with ADHD it’s much better when that mode of working disappears.

With ADHD, I’ve found that it’s actually ok to rewrite your rule book and it can be done without losing your previous unique way of functioning. Francine has expert knowledge in ADHD, and most importantly, experience. I highly recommend her services!”