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The Roller Coaster of Life

Life with ADHD can often feel like a bumpy ride with unexpected twists and turns.

Why is it that sometimes a person with ADHD can function well and sometimes he cannot get out of bed?    How can someone with ADHD work as a successful events coordinator when her personal life is a mess?   

People with ADHD often feel like they are looking for more pieces of the puzzle to understand themselves.  One of the pieces of the ADHD puzzle is that ADHD is more of an attention difference disorder than a deficit disorder.  Whenever a person has a natural interest in something or when he has an external deadline he can often function quite well.  When a person is not interested in a task and there is limited external support it will be incredibly challenging to persevere.  

ADHD is a medical diagnosis, not a moral failing.  Understanding how one’s unique brain is wired can help those with ADHD identify and thrive in areas of passion and create the external support and structure they need to function well overall, thus ensuring a smoother ride along the journey.